An Offer From a Gentleman - Julia Quinn Romancing Mister Bridgerton - Julia Quinn To Sir Phillip, With Love - Julia Quinn When He Was Wicked - Julia Quinn It's in His Kiss - Julia Quinn The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever - Julia Quinn

That's the numerical amount of stuff that I have to get caught up on. This includes 150 book blathering’s.


I've never been one to write something about everything I read - and I won't start now. But I think I'm going to attempt to start leading a more “routined” life for a while. The surprises and suspense’s can take a back seat. (Go Royals though! And my dad is improving everyday :)


After being terribly unimpressed by a bunch of new-to-me romance authors in late spring, I asked for rec's for romances (which I read a bunch and will update you on!) and THEN decided to go back and read the catalogue of books from authors I knew wouldn't annoy me.


Julia Quinn came to mind.


I think I've written somewhere before that the first time I read a Julia Quinn was when I was actually brand new to the genre and had worked my way through KMM and Lisa Kleypas and asked my romantically minded sister, "What next??". She handed me "The Viscount Who Loved Me". I liked it, but I wasn't enraptured (minus the one HILARIOUS and unforgettable PALL MALL scene. A scene that has yet to be beat). Julia's writing is just different than the other aforementioned writers in tone and style, and well, steam, to be honest. KMM and Kleypas write some smokin' stuff.


What I didn't appreciate then, I embrace now. One of the best things about her books is her ability to write beautiful and interesting people that also feel refreshingly geniuine and honest. While many HR's include villainous individuals and hateful families, Julia's books shine because of her portrayals of loving families and loyal friendships. And, very rarely thankfully, are we caught up in a conflict that stands solely and purely on social class.


Her attention to detail and layered characters is what really makes her books pop, and why I have picked up one after another.


To Sir Phillip, With Love -- 5 *  A favorite of mine. I especially loved  Eloisa's evolution. Real growth from a character that was perhaps a bit flip, to someone who saves a family.  A story that shows how love and commitment are endeavors that are worth the work necessary.


An Offer from a Gentleman -- 4 *

Romancing Mister Bridgerton -- 4 *

When He Was Wicked -- 4 *

It's In His Kiss -- 4 *


The Secret Diaries... -- 3 *  (First half was brilliant, but it fell down in the second half)


What Happens in London (not pictured) -- 3 * (First half was boring! Picked up on the back end)