(Otherwise titled, The Royals Won Last Night...and...now what?!?)


At this point, I'm very glad I didn't start something really stupid in order to bargain for some luck on the field with my favorite boys in blue.


I could have said that I'd never eat chocolate again.


I could have said I'd never read a romance novel again.


I could have said any number of other things that would clearly have been lies.


Instead, I bargained with something that would stretch me a bit, but probably be pretty enjoyable.


So, Book Gods, I will read more classic lit.(I'm thinking a title a month seems fair) I will  read some poetry and will be exploring some Robert Frost before too much longer...


But I'm nervously running out of logical 'sacrifices' and I HAVE to do this. We need your mojo, the hoo-doo that you do is working! These are tight teams and tight games and every.single.thing.counts.


So...how about Shakespeare? Can I offer a single Shakespeare title? I know I've read some, but I haven't made even a respectable dent and not in years and years.


Please accept my offering...please and thank you, amen.