Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis Something About You - Julie James By Possession - Madeline Hunter Willing Victim - Cara McKenna Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard

In...May?...I had asked for recommendations for a romance - I was in a slump. Many responded! Then summer happened and I didn't write anything down. Here or in my own notes.


This, my friends, was a mistake.


So, here I am, wanting to write something about books that were recommended to me and, ummm, I've done dang forgot most of the critical points, and in one case, the entirity of the book.


Sorry friends. Please forgive me.


Here's a the select that I'd read - the others are still on my TBR, not forgotten.


    2 stars -- Well loved by everyone but me! Awkward....I just thought it was a little too silly.  I skipped the next in the series because I wasn't a fan of the premise, and read the third:

 2 stars -- After this, I gave up on Lucky Harbor deciding it wasn't for me. I skimmed most of this, and felt like it was a rinse and repeat of the first Lucky Harbor. Overall, I wasn't connecting with the characters at all.  Don't mind me Jill Shalvis fans, I'm just weird sometimes.


  4 stars - A great, balanced book - it was smart, sexy and funny. I love character flaws, and these two had them - it was great to see those flaws playing off eachother on and off the clock.


   4 stars -- Apparently I liked it quite a bit. I can't remember a single thing about it. You didn't really care what I thought though, right?


  3 stars -- Original and interesting and crazy. The ending was really abrupt, in my opinion, but I it didn't bother me too much because I picked up "Unbound" immediately following to read more Cara McKenna. She and Charlotte Stein are now my go to when I want colorful, off the wall scenerios and characters. Cara is all intensity to Charlotte's goofiness. And I like that I've never read a story of theirs that involves abuse between H/Hr - there may be crazy situations, but never ones that make me cringe.


 3 stars -  Unique. I'm a sucker for wilderness living situations, but a lot of that is sacraficed to the psychological aspects of the story. I thought this dragged a bit, but was glad I read it in the end.  



  4 stars -- Thoroughly entertaining, good romance with great and wild thriller going on in the background. Or is it a thriller with a good romance on the side? Either way, I enjoyed it more with each chilling murder! Bwhahaha. I actually have read one other Linda Howard book, "Ice", back in 2012 and thought it was pretty awful. So there's a good chance that I had very LOW expectations going in - I find that's for the best sometimes.



I have promised myself to jot down a few things after I read a book and thank Booklikes for their private notes feature which allows me to do just to make notes on the last, oh, 20 books I read and didn't review.  I'm not very good at this...