Blood Work - Michael Connelly

Blood Work hit all of my thriller buttons. Great mystery, fast pacing, intriguing and brainy main character.


McCaleb, a retired FBI agent, finds himself hooked into a case that, from the outside, he has no business being a part of. 


The entire novel the clock is ticking in a race to track down his unsub. However, the chase itself might be his killer as he struggles with the volalitiitly of his newly transplanted heart. 


He's not the cookie-cutter FBI hero either - he sucked as a field agent and did all his best work at his desk.  So much fun to read his wheels-a-turning and pilfering out the a-ha moments. The puzzler in me enjoys that over action- packed chase scenes and gun-fighting. Brain over brawn, and all that.


That said, I really found the romantic interest in Graciela to be annoying and unecessary. I felt the like the relationship was, in part, a ploy to create a splashy ending. A slower romance in subsequent books would have worked for me - especially since there is a kid at play. I think over all, it was very forced and the weakest part of this book.