Wish List - Sylvia Day

Last year was the worst Christmas - I did the second job thing in retail and it was an awful experience. To erase that totally from memory, I decided to take cues from my kids and really make this Christmas about fun and family and memories rather than money and gifts and presents.


So, when my kids wanted to start talking Christmas, I decided to embark on a little happiness myself by reading some Christmas romances. I have never done that before.


So I downloaded and borrowed about every Christmas romance the library had to offer.


This one did not make me cheery. It made me ragey. If you want to skip all my rambling, you can simply read starting at the asterisk below.  


Have you ever had the experience of reading a kindle book and seeing the passages highlighted by x-amount of people - and thinking to yourself, really?


If someone comes accross my highlights, they'll have a similar reaction I'm sure...cause I sure as heck wasn't like the x-amount of people that highlighted the 'deep' and 'meaningful' passages.


Let me first say that Nick and whats-her-face (I've already forgotten her name), are both successful lawyers in the same firm. They're portrayed as gorgeous and intelligent. Also charming and witty. Nick is a play-boy who's been pursuing whats-her-face for awhile and has recently realized that he's fallen in love with her...


"There was just something about Nicholas James. Maybe it was the dangerous beauty of his face. Or that tall, well-honed body. Perhaps it was his amazing intelligence and aggressive stance in the courtroom. Or maybe it was his pro bono work for the Abused Women’s Program… Shit, she didn’t know why."

So, it's not about all that other stuff you listed? I don't know why I'm still reading this actually.


"into the elastic waistband"

Yes, she wears a elastic waistband. I am not ashamed to say that I also have some elastic waistbands - just not on my power suits! Lets not talk about how she wears this totally sophisticated skirt through three..*ahem*...events. Why am I still reading this? Well, it's only 40 pages, might as well power through...


"the skin still bearing the remnants of a dark summer tan, the muscles beneath beautifully defined."
In case the cover or title didn't clue you in, it's Christmas. That's one helluva tan to last till Christmas.
"For the first time in a long time it felt like Christmas."
Nothing says Christmas like crazy, sex-filled nights.

" ...not something that comes up and I don’t like to talk about it.”


Yet she proceeds to talk about it...


And finally, the highlight to end all highlighting~


“Who the fuck is Kevin?” Every muscle tensed at the sound of Stephanie’s name linked with another guy’s. Amanda’s eyes widened. “Oh shit… You don’t know.” “Obviously not.” He strode back into the living room. “But you’re going to tell me.” She sighed. “You better take a seat.”

* Kevin, ladies and gentleman, is whats-her-faces son. The BIG secret is that she is a single mom. Her reason for not pursuing a relationship, the thing that she hides from the office, the reason she wears ELASTIC WAISTBANDS is because she's a mom. Oh NO! NOT THAT!!