I was so happy to run across this the other day while going through the kids books. I've been wanting to share this little diddy for awhile, I just had to be able to put my hands on it.


I got this book as a gift when my second baby was born from someone who probably A.) didn't spend much money on it (which doesn't matter) and B.) who didn't read it first.


Maybe this is just my sense of humor, but I thought it hilarious.


May I present to you...


A sweet tiger book.




It teaches geography!




And some of their favorite past-times...with friends apparently. That silly monkey has been on more than one page now.


But wait! There's more...


Huh. Like, when you play hide-and-go-seek? *points to the cheeky monkey waving from the grass*






Yup. Just a sweet little tiger book for the baby.


I just can't part with this book...I think I'll shelve it 'Baby's First Horror".