Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story - Gregor Xane

I read this while watching Total Recall during a rare moment when my kids were otherwise occupied - my husband and I commandeered the television, switching off Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas that has been playing on repeat for a week.


Oddly, watching the first 40 minutes of Total Recall while reading this worked. I think it's because they're both weird.


A good weird.


In between quoting lines together (I've got five kids to feed!), I took a romp to a place somewhere east of bizarro land.. I'm not going to pretend that I know enough about this genre to label it such, but Mr. Tucker & Me doesn't really land squarely in any genre in my mind. It's weird, it's a little unsettling, it's strangely sweet. The story is short enough that to elaborate on any of those points, I'd be spoiling it too much.


I don't pretend to be an expert on how 'good' this is overall...I read mostly historical romances and before that mysteries, and before that thrillers. But little weird books have been something I've been more interested in as of late, say, in the last year or two. Maybe someday soon I'll graduate to big weird books...


When I was younger, my friends would watch these small time indie movies and sit around and discuss them over drinks for hours. It was part of being cool I guess. I just nodded along and enjoyed their company. Now, however, I see the brilliant observations too late to add anything to the conversation.


This is the long way of saying that I've been branching out - trying to get ahead of the curve a bit for myself.


Fluff in, fluff out after all. I need some grit sometimes for everything to smooth out in the end.


So, anyway, this was worth the time and the read, and really, it's so short everyone should give it a go!