Whiskey Sour - J.A. Konrath

 The title is not a spoiler, I'm just saving you from my mistake.


Naturally, I assumed that Jack was a man (given that the name Jack is traditionally male) and of course, on the first page, when it was mentioned that Jack was wearing a 'skirt', I read it as 'shirt'. This little oversight was the thing that led to my downfall.


Here's a question - What voice would you use in your head when reading a hard boiled mystery with a MAN named Jack Daniels as the detective?


Humphrey Bogart, of course.


I crossed my wires early on and for the rest of the book, Jacqueline Daniels, who goes by Jack, was read in a Humphrey Bogart voice that I could not quiet in my head. I tried at first, OH I TRIED, but I just kept tripping over how masculine her tone came across. So, eventually, I just gave up. In my head, Jack Daniels is one small-framed, effortlessly pretty female detective with a deep, gravely smokers voice.


Que Sera Sera.


This personal problem didn't totally ruin the book for me. I still thought it was engaging, even if a bit over the top. Entertaining. It was just it knocked the part of the plot where Jack is looking for a relationship via dating service sideways.


Never mind the fact that Jack is suffering from severe insomnia, is in the middle of a major case involving a gruesome serial killer, and just got dumped from a year long relationship. No, that wasn't my problem with her putting any effort in on a lunch-meet-and-greet dating service.


It was the fact that I couldn't understand how jeans and soft sweater would be attractive on Humph, err, Jack. You see my problem? This nice, attractive accountant guy is like, "so, what are you into"? And Jack responds (in his..her! HER!, iconic film noir voice), "shooting guns, drinking whiskey, and playing pool with the local drug felon...you?"


Okay, maybe it did ruin the book for me.


I've decided I need to watch some female centric detective show before reading the next book to cleanse my brain. A preliminary search for one is not going well, however. Any suggestions?