Gettin' caught up again...


  5 Stars - Cara McKenna keeps getting better for me. I love the blue-collar dysfunction and real-feel conversations and tribulations. Recommended.


4 Stars - My favorite of the series so far. Dahl writes such strong and forthright characters - very what you see is what you get. This is a rare book in that the relationship angst is what made it so enjoyable-usually that stuff is so whiny. I think I gave this extra stars because I thought the ending was really great.


3 Stars - The best Sophie Jordan I've read. I still had problems with it however. For example, I wish the title made sense as there was no 'guide', there wasn't even more than ONE attempt at ruination. I think the best part of this book was getting a sneak peak at Max and Aurelia, who absolutely hate each other. All I can say is that there better be fireworks as promised.


     3 Stars - The last two Jennifer Ashley books I've read were bunk, but I have three Ashley books on my Kindle and am trying to read through my Kindle back log. The Untamed Mackenzie was actually okay, Lloyd was more interesting than Louisa - a roguish inspector who has to prove Louisa innocent to keep her from hanging. It was fully hashed out, which is great for a novella.


 2 Stars -  Ancient vampires and some other sundry paranormal stuff and star-crossed lovers blah blah blah.  The best thing I can say is that it's no longer on my TBR. I'm pretty unreliable though, (don't laugh!) so don't listen to me. I think I'm over this stuff.


  2 Stars - Crikey. There was so much friggin' running away from EVERYONE that was trying to kill them (?)  and...brogue. I was just bored to be honest.



  2 Stars - I DNF'd at 60ish%. It would have been a better love story if I got to see whatserface and whatshisface fall in love. Instead, we're told that there was a childhood friendship and that he's loved her all along. And there's secrets and stuff. JAL's weakest book IMO, but one of her first, so I'm not surprised.




  2 Stars - Enoch can write some great scenes. Unfortunately, in this book, there were just some really great sentences. It never really took off for me.


 1 Star -  Ethereal Fae woman asks Ancient Cat Shifter to make her a sword that will eat souls for her evil brother. He hates her, she's poisoned by the steel he works with - oh, forbidden love. Never read that before. Dumb, so dumb.