Mommy Knows Worst: Highlights from the Golden Age of Bad Parenting Advice - James Lileks


I just saved you an hour of your life. You're welcome.


I was hoping for more with this - unfortunately, the authors overly mocking and sometimes caustic tone kills it.


There's nothing really amusing about poking fun at articles and publications warning against dosing infants with laudanum based syrups. Decidedly not funny.


The book focuses on mostly ads and articles during the 'golden age' of America, but the author rarely sites when a particular ad was published or article written. This is problematic, especially when deciding if his commentary is 'funny' when, say, looking at an ad that suggests using Wheaties to help stretch your meat at the dinner table. I mean, are we talking about a time when there was a legitimate food shortage? Also, not funny.


There also seemed to be some articles and advice from the early 20th century (like, 1915), which hardly seems "Golden Age". But maybe I'm splitting hairs.


There were some sections where I just read the ad and skipped the 'story'.


I was looking for more research centric, good humor. This was not it.