Interior Desecrations: Hideous Homes from the Horrible '70s - James Lileks

I have a confession to make.


I didn't think everything in this book was horrid.


And I clearly was supposed to. I have a feeling people with good sense do. While I chuckled along at James Lileks witty commentary, I secretly coveted some of the furniture.


It sorta struck a nostalgic chord with me I think. Though I didn't live through any part of the 70's, my grandparents entire house was decorated in the 70's familiar fashion. They actually had 8 of these chairs around their kitchen table.




They, uhhh, had these chairs until last year actually. These beauts had a signature squeak to them after 37 years of use. I miss that squeak. I was actually appalled that they just set them out for the garbage pick up. (!)


In one of their other recent clean outs, I inherited these:



They are a favorite kitchen vessel. I actually fight my kids for them - If there is only one left for popcorn or ice cream, or salad. It's mine.


Does anyone else have an affinity for vintage 70's tupperware? It can't only be me. Can it??


Okay, but really, some of the stuff in this book I was cool with - even liked! For example:




Sure, it's "out there", but it's neutral! I mean. It's okay.


Then there's this:



I'm not a total fan of the window treatments, but I thought the sailing pillows were kind of cute. I love the chest coffee table! I'm even okay with the studded end table (and in some corner of my brain that I'm trying to tamp down with vigor, I might have an affinity for that kitschy bird lamp).


But really, is this so bad?


I want this room. Of course I'd toss the questionable artwork, and dump the T.V. that's just wasting space where more books could go, but cool, right?


Tell me I'm not alone.


Lie to me, okay? I'm cool with that.


All that aside, there were plenty of pages that were puke-worthy. I seriously had a headache after finishing this last night, no joke. For your viewing pleasure:





and one last one before your toss your cookies...



Okay, kidding, this one is the pièce de résistance:




What the fork is this dead-eyed girl art doing in a children's room?  Stuff of nightmares. Good call, 70's mom!


Seriously, this was a very fun book. And while Lileks occasionally reaches for humor that comes off like he's trying too hard, most of the time his commentary is entertaining. A good check out from the library to pass an hour or so.