Shakespeare Bats Cleanup - Ron Koertge

I went to vote last night, and my polling place just happens to be at my library.  I've been thinking about finding a baseball themed book since the fever has taken me yet again (Go Royals!), and so when I spied this on a display table, I grabbed for it like there was a run on the library and I was going to have to beat some people down for my check-outs.


I might have squeaked a little too because the cover was speaking to me.


It was an off day last night, meaning no baseball game to watch, so I sank into the couch and filled a little time reading this book.


This is a fast read, affecting, with a little touch of humor.  Fourteen year old Kevin, recently diagnosed and struggling with mono, finds he has a lot of time on his hands and very little energy - without school, his baseball team, and the flirtations of youth to keep him busy - he finds solace in journaling (and poetry) to help him deal with loneliness and a recent loss.


There is an obvious ploy to encourage the exploration of poetry and teach a little too, and while this may have somewhat distracted from the story, it is forgiven as a worthy cause. And I learned a thing or two or seven.


I really enjoyed it and hope to find a copy for our home library.