Honor's Knight - Rachel Bach

So, I LOVE this chica, Nova. At first I thought her light and harmony would be annoying, but she's really a gem.


  "So," I said casually, tossing my com on the pillow and rolling onto my side with a grin.    "What's the occasion?"


  Nova flashed me a huge, excited smile in the mirror. "My brother is on planet! I'm meeting him for dinner."


  "Cheers to you," I said, tipping my beer at her. "I hope that you have a great time."


  Nova flashed me a shy smile. "I would be delighted if you would share space with us in harmony as well, Deviana."



She reminds me of one of my favorite Teen Titan's, Starfire, for the certain.



In fact, Devi is sort of like a Raven to Nova's Starfire...



Devi's like Raven, she's all jaded and dark with kick ass legs and stuff. (Okay, maybe the legs thing is just a Raven thing).




You can definitely tell that we spend an unreasonable amount of time watching children's programming...