This was a good batch!


   4 stars - Well, Grace stole the show by being wise beyond her years in her pursuit of happiness and love. Lovingdon is not a the man he once was, having lost his wife and young daughter to disease and still mourning their passing 2 years later. But Grace has known and loved Lovingdon a long time, and though he may not be for her, she wants him to be happy again.


Grace is atypical here because she doesn't scheme or manipulate in her pursuit of prying Lovingdon out of his shell. She simply asks him to help her weed through her suitors and find love. She's a friend, even when she's mischievous and improper. I loved all Lovingdon's lessons and gestures. A very nice read, a good grown-up book.


4 stars - A great Miranda Neville book, and I honestly didn't think she had it in her. I've not been a fan. This is actually more like 3.5 stars, but I was so surprised that it wasn't overly muddled and boring that it tipped the scales for me. The use of amnesia is a convenient plot device to make our wretchedly handsome hero give our plain heroine a go - but it was fun all the same.


  4 stars - One of my many romance weaknesses is a hero recovering from addiction. It just sings to my heartspace. Wyn is at the end of his rope, but when Diantha waltz's in and needs rescuing, he pulls himself together enough to get the job done, then pulls himself out of dregs to be the person Diantha deserves.

Diantha is a lovely character - friends with everyone, made wise by past hurts, seeking adventure. I would have liked more of the story to have been told between Diantha and Wyn, but it seems to be Ashe's style to have H/hr seperated for much of the journey (geographically).


4 stars - Spoiler here:

I really enjoyed the poetical hero, but the beginning was slow and weak, then the last 15% was so fast and harried and so much NEW was thrown at you that it lost some of what I loved about it. The resurrected wife, the crazy locket, etc. Made a great page turner though. highlighted some lovely passages of confessing love. Very sweet and some steamy scenes. Great heart pangs at finding out she was pregnant. I just think it was uneven.
I loved that Kitty used to sing, Alex singing in his book was a fav!

(show spoiler)



4 stars - I got into a Katharine Ashe reading glut right after reading this, which I think is high praise for any book. The beginning had some great scenes with snipping between Talesin and Eleanor and the ending was a page turner to find out all the secret ancestory that had been building in the series. Ashe's Prince Catchers series is one that should be read in order.


3 stars - A sort of pirate story where both Hero and heroine are pirates. Viola is an interesting character - growing up on the seas just nourishes her ingrained desire for adventure and her natural ability to lead. She makes an interesting match for a notorious pirate turned privateer. The good points are the varied settings of the story (partly taking place in the Caribbean) and some very steamy scenes. But it was slow in at times and there were some uneven elements that had me scratching my head.


  3 stars - All the books previous to this one in the series have been a disappointment. A dud. A downright drudge. So, though I forgot to take notes on this one, the fact that I gave it 3 stars must mean that it was worth reading in some way. So there's that.


2 stars - There was enough material here for a full novel, so because this is just a novella, I had a hard time getting the connection of H/hr and the ending was abrupt. Can't win 'em all.



2 stars - Oh, but how my love affair with Miranda Neville was brief. Though I didn't think this was terrible (I did finish it, which is more than I can say for some of her stuff), the politics in this book just became overwhelming! And rambling! I think this could have been a lovely story if it weren't for this major misstep.