Lethal - Sandra Brown


I was in the mood for some very specific crazy last Friday - Sandra Brown delivered.


Lethal is a cocktail of one part hotly paced thriller, two parts unbelievable villainy, and one part misunderstood hero. All shaken together and poured into a perfectly neat and tidy glass.


I kept guessing until the end, even when I thought I had it pegged. The thriller portion trumps the romance, which is scant, but interesting. There was a moment when I had a horrible flash of the movie "Labor Day", but thankfully it veered way AWAY from that territory. No criminal/hostage love story situations with creepy moments of faux bondage, thank you very much.


I wanted crazy with no real expectations of 'good' and was pleasantly surprised. Dang. Lowering your expectations can do wonders to your book life.