My Soul to Lose - Rachel Vincent

Pretty cool premise, but the series opener didn't work for me on the whole.


Fifteen year old Kaitlynn finds herself in a psych ward after an anxiety episode which consisted of screaming uncontrollably while trying to claw out her throat.


It wasn't light and fluffy screaming, like this:


It was full on paranormal activity screaming, like this:





Disturbing? Yes. 


These anxiety episodes occur when she sees the 'shadows' of someones death, complete with mysterious fog filled with writhing things.


Is she mentally disturbed or is it something else?


On the day of her release, while experiencing another 'episode', Kaitlynn encounters a mute patient who helps her stop the event by doing equally strange and eery things. This is where it ends.


I don't think I'll continue with the series despite the sorta cool premise. For me, YA falls into two categories; the stories that are about young adults, and the stories for young adults. This seemed to fall into the latter category.


Kaitlynn's snark was annoying. Being cute to psych nurses and doctors, calling everyone crazy, and generally being above it pained me.


The dialogue between Kaitlynn and her BFF Emma, their plan of revenge against Kaitlynn's boyfriend who dumped her before homecoming (which included a sick public humiliation of arousing him at the dance, unzipping his pants and then crying 'help!'), and a side comment about drinking only half a beer in a summer equaling a 'seriously deficient social life' completely zapped me of sympathy. Maybe a teen would feel differently? Is this the stuff that's supposed to connect the reader to a character?


I don't know, when I saw that the next book was set outside of the hospital and that she had caught the popular highschool hottie's eye, I did the mom eye-rolling thing.


I might of read it if she stayed in the psych ward.