Distance from my home to a tornado touchdown tonight.


We are okay, the touchdown only lasted a minute but it was THE CLOSEST I've come to the real thing after a lifetime thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings.


So during, I'm cool, helping my 7 year old who is having a panic attack, while my three-year old is...


oops. Sirens going off again. Looks precautionary. Back later!


Okay, back. The first one completely surprised everyone, so they're trigger happy with the sirens while this last storm passes, for good reason.


Anyway, while I'm getting my big boy to breath deeply, my little guy is frantically tugging on me asking about dragons. (?) In that moment I had this very surreal feeling that I'd remember it forever.


And then after, when they were showing the footage of the damage RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM me, I had a little meltdown myself. We still talk about Joplin round here.


So, overall, WE ARE GOOD. It was minor. But, kind of a wacky night. The kind where you have to share with your book friends, cause, wow.