Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

Can I just curl up in a wolf bed with Skippy and some cow shaped wolf cookies until the next book is available? How long do I have to Arreooo before someone sends help?

I liked this one a lot more than Murder of Crows. I could see an overall plot arc with the series which, for me, was missing on the surface of Murder of Crows. MoC felt more episodic (with a bunch of pointless plotting), but after finishing Vision in Silver I get the purpose of the story now.

"Humans. Couldn’t be satisfied with being considered not edible; they also wanted to talk to him. And talk. And talk."

I would beg the author for more of the Others in next installments. There wasn't nearly enough Simon, Meg, Sam, Henry, and all. Meg's struggle with the cut was so very engulfing. I had all the feels after her breakdown and Henry's intervention. Really good stuff. Coupled with all the animalistic nature and great banter between the Others, yeah, give me more. Especially since there was way too much of the all male police presence. Not that I have an issue with the predominance of the gender, it's that they're all the same uninteresting cut-out of each other.

"For the most part, humans have kept the peace, but they’re an invasive species—a two-legged kudzu—and will take over as much land as they can if they aren’t held to the agreed-upon boundaries."

And ain't that the truth. Their place in the story seems to be the boring plot device that drives the tension. Necessary, but not really well executed. I think they're all very static characters. I should feel more for the police officer who has his daughter wrapped up in a lethal game, whose long time lover and mother of his child has been murdered, and who is riding a city that is on a dangerous precipice. Instead, I just want him to stop all his inner dialogue so that I can get to another POV.

Basically, I just want to live in Lakeside Courtyard...and now Sweetwater. And damn the rest.

"My name is Hope."

Where can I get my Wolf Lover pin?