The title of this is a complete joke. And this is all Paul's fault.


Over the course of the last year, I've considered changing my avatar to a picture of myself. I've taken and saved three photos to my phone. I did change my avatar, once during a time in which I vented my spleen about Kathleen Hale for about 2.3 seconds.


Here's the deal. The reason I've never done it is two fold:


1.) (And this is the biggest reason, fear not) I don't want to look at myself every time I comment or whatever.


2.) People make a bunch of assumptions about how one looks. This community is pretty awesome and I'd like to say 'above' prejudices based on appearances, but there are still a load of people around here who don't interact at all, so who knows?


See it doesn't really matter because even my pics are deceiving- here I try to hide my aging double chin with some expert hand placement:




And I took this one thinking that the light was a metaphor for both my personality (okay, fail) and also, adds a bit of mystery and whimsy. And also, because one of my bookshelves be back there:




So with that said, back to my title. It's a joke because I worked to make myself look this way, whether by make up or angle or whatever. 


In reality, I'm a natural blond who, therefore, has no eyelashes or eyebrows. This means that the real me looks like a gin addicted lady of the night (which is a nice way to put it!). *sobs* *laughs* *runs away*