The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King






The napkins are ruining this for me.








My problem is three-fold (heh):


1.) That Peter is making a rope on a tiny doll house loom using napkin threads.


2.) That some long ago queen had thousands of napkins made to put the kingdom to work - like some fantasy version of the WPA.


3.) That the there is a huge mystery around why Peter needs the napkins. This is a very big part of the plot right now.


I keep wanting to fall in to this fantasy world with King, but I keep getting hung up on  "The Giant Jam Sandwich"-esque picture of this kingdom.


The good news? It's pacing has really picked up and I'm having more fun now in the mid-to-late chapters than I was in the beginning. The storytelling has highlighted Peter and others instead of Flagg. Flagg was the most uninspiring bad guy.