Slow Heat in Heaven - Sandra Brown

Here's a quote:

Schyler pushed him away and wiped his kiss off her mouth. Her breasts rose and fell with indignation, and to her mortification, arousal. "I should have shot you when I had the chance.”

He gave her a slow, lazy smile. “And I should have raped you when I had my chance. ’Night, Miss Schyler.” He turned his back on her and sauntered off into the darkness."

This book is outrageously dated. I'm not sure what number this book falls on in terms of Sandra Brown's big back list, but it's most definitely an early one - written sometime in the eighties.

Beyond stomaching the racist and sexist underlying ideals of the deep south, and the jack-leg of a hero and the annoyingly forgiving and patient heroine, and the mention of sex (whether violent, non-consensual, or just plain disturbing)in nearly every chapter, yes, beyond all that, it's boring and it drags. So many of the aforementioned items are used to titillate to distract you from the fact that the story is barely moving along.

So, I pretty much hated it. 

[I've never been so happy for poorly plotted explosion, ever. My only regret is that I wish more people would have blown up with it in the end. Like everyone.

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The only interesting thing about this book is that I could see all the early hallmarks of the Sandra Brown that I've come to love. Layered characters, layered plots, layered secrets and lots of action right up until the end.

Oh, and where SB's more recent books are thrillers with a side of romance, this book heavily leans towards romance.