Scared Stiff  - Annelise Ryan

I love the comedy mixed with the CSI-esque stuff going on...


Sometimes I really feel my age when I read passages like this:




There are three hole-in-the-wall bars located in downtown Sorenson, and even though they are all independently owned, at some point in time they decided to join forces when it came to names. As a result, we have the Nowhere Bar, the Somewhere Bar, and the Anywhere Bar. At times it leads to conversations that sound like an Abbott and Costello routine.

Where should we go tonight?

How about Nowhere?

Aw, come on, we have to go to Somewhere.

Well, we could go there, or to Anywhere, but I’d rather go to Nowhere.


Definitely made me a bit sentimental as I remember long car rides to the lake listening to their schtick on cassette tape, in a van packed with coolers, pillows and family - and I realize how long ago that really was.