The Assassin and the Pirate Lord - Sarah J. Maas

I looked around to see if I should read this before embarking on "Throne of Glass". It seemed like a good jumping off point, being a prequel and all, but you never know with prequels as sometimes they make less sense without knowing the future story. Go figure.


And a prequel is a good test run for writing style.


I really, really liked this and can't wait to read the prequel sequel (there are three prequels?). Calaena, though she comes off as spoiled, judgmental and arrogant, feels like she's going to become this very awesome character. I don't think I've ever thought that of any character (as in, I didn't really like her but know that I will). She just has some growing up to do, and I feel like we have to get to know her better. She doesn't wear her life on her sleeve, Maas is going to make us do the time to unravel her secrets.


Fortunately, the time is easily spent as the storytelling is pretty great.


But one thing, how do you say Calaena? How? I have a wavered between two different variations in my head, and I just can't have that.