The Assassin and the Healer - Sarah J. Maas



Celaena Sardothian, whom I now call Selena the Sardothian for no other reason that I can (Maas thinks as highly of Celaena as Calaena does - her full name is almost always used), is just an all around humanitarian in this one.

Oh, uh, spoilers here.

First, she decides to save a barmaid from 4 mercenaries (or maybe it was 5, I really don't know -- mercenaries come out of the wood work right and left in this)
Then, she trains the barmaid in some self defense. Later, Celaena takes on 5 more mercenaries while barmaid takes down, like a 1/2 of one.
Finally, she gifts the barmaid with a huge chunk of her money and pretty little ruby broach so that barmaid can get to healing school and come back a healer to help save the world.

This all takes place in a taproom basically, the same type of taproom that the last novella took place in with almost the exact same description.

So, this was a disappointment over all. I guess maybe barmaid Yrene has a place in the larger book series? Because otherwise, the switch to her POV was not only pointless, but boring. There was no characterization beyond the very superficial (physical description) and hardly any emotion in this one at all. I'm not even sure that this has any place in the larger plot arc!

Maybe I jumped the gun falling in love with that first novella, thinking they'd all be on-par.

So, in review, nothing happened in this novella. Maybe this is a story to introduce a 'healer' character and give Celaena a couple of gold stars to counteract her chip-on-her-shoulder attitude.