The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Sometimes I read a book that gives me true anxiety to rate. I wonder if it would actually be better if I just drank a bottle of wine before rating or writing a review for these books because everything is so easy to me when I'm drinking wine - laughing, joking, eating, falling. Everything.


But I can't do that because I rarely drink to excess, and by unlucky happenstance, those rare moments have never coincided with the completion of a book. Go figure.


So, here I am in a quandary - what do I think about this book? Well, I thought it was clever and irreverent. I was entertained and amused and generally liked all of the major players and I want to see the movie, which is indeed an endorsement, no?


But I wondered what the point of it all was? Was there anything resolved? What was the conflict to begin with? How the heck did Trillion know to grab the mice? Is she actually from Earth and why is her name Trillian instead of Trisia McMillan?? Are they gonna float a new Earth out there or what? And can someone, please, fry Marvin's motherboard? But really, what was the point!?


Then, suddenly and slowly, I hear echoes of "42" in answer, laugh and give it 5 stars.

Well played, book.