Board Stiff - Annelise Ryan

I have no hissy fits to throw after reading this, which is a relief.


I wasn't a huge fan of the murder at the nursing facility, and I pegged the killer early on, but that was pure guessing on my part and it was still fun to see all the clues come together. 


The best news is that Mattie sees a psychiatrist and starts to journal. All the self-examination puts a huge halt on that gambling lunacy. We're still wrapped up in the Hurley/Mattie will-they/won't they/can't these two just figure it out already drama, but at least it didn't make me twitch this book. And the newest potential wedge that could come between them was...removed.


So, we reached a more even keel story line in terms of character drama, which made it more enjoyable. In truth, it probably deserves another half star, but I'm still bitter about that last book.