Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

I had a serious "there's nothing I want to read" crisis yesterday evening when nothing that I had borrowed from the library appealed to me. I don't call these moments "slumps", but I do get a little panicky thinking that I might slump. 


For this reason, I keep a little group of titles aside to help me through the trouble. My current bunch includes: 


Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

Night Broken AND Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs 

On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn


It's not that I love every single book in the series or work of the author in general - it's that I trust them not to bore me or enrage me. They are reliably awesome and therefore I know they are going to deliver on some level that gets me back into my groove.


5% into Dead Heat and it's refreshingly familiar, and the old desire to skirt respinsibilites to read has returned. Hallelujah.


So, do you all have any tucked away slump stoppers or something special you are hanging on to for a rainy day? Or perhaps, like Desmond, the last book you want to read before you die? I want to know (specifics, tell me what you are holding back!)


And I promise not to run out and read it and then want to talk about it and beg you to read it already - I only do that to my real life friends. Lucky you!