Magic Shifts  - Ilona Andrews

"The ghoul stared at me. I gave him my best psychotic smile."


Kate. Daniels. New claim-er of post-shift Atlanta, ex-consort, divorced of the pack, fiance to a one, Curran Lennart, formally the Beast Lord, and all around butt-kicker extraordinaire is pulled from her hum-drum, low-key life to investigate the disappearance of a friend, Eduardo the were-bison.


All of that is true except that the words 'hum-drum' and 'low-key' belong in a sentence with the name Kate Daniels about as well bananas belong with mayo.


Which means not at all. Bananas and mayo do not belong together, and don't try to tell me otherwise.


Nope. Kate and Curran have a lot on their collective plates and as Magic Shifts literally shifts from one closed plot arc to the beginning of the next, one would think that this bridge book could have a case of the meh's.



“You see, the mailman saw your husband during one of his walks.”

“He’s my fiancé,” I told her. “We are living in sin.”


Part of the reason that this story steers far clear of 'meh' is the change of scenery, the move to the suburbs. It is so entertaining watching this transition from pack politics to everyday 'human' life. Curran has to adjust, Kate has to teach and be patient. The reverse in roles is brilliant and fresh, so while we still get all the great magical sleuthing and terrifying monster mayhem, all the characters reacting to a new dynamic is really great.


“I thought you might be injured.”

He looked at me. “We’ve met, you and I?”

I deliberately took a big step back.

“What?” he growled.

“I’m making room for your ego.”


The humor is all there.



“Fine. I should’ve left a note!”


“You should’ve.”


“Answer me this, did you hesitate at all or did you see the giant, go ‘Wheee!’ and run toward it?"


As is the amazing fight scenes which we've come to expect. The husband/wife team of Ilona Andrew's has mind blowing talent with these. I never skim them. They are always thrilling and edge of your seat. It's damn exciting stuff.


Even Kate's insecurities and vulnerabilities, which could easily have been fully explored in the seven previous books, has new levels of haymaker to the gut.


"You are a leper. Everyone you touch is tainted.” Wow. “Being your ally is a death warrant. I gain nothing by supporting you. I run the risk of angering you by refusing service, but you left the Pack, so you are no longer in a position to wield it against me, and you won’t take any actions to punish me directly, because you are shackled by your own morals.”


I really cannot get enough of this series. We've started the wrap up and I'm both sad to see the beginning of the end and excited to see what is to come.