Sweetest Scoundrel (Maiden Lane) - Elizabeth Hoyt

Guess who's back, back again. Hoyt is back, tell a friend.


After missing the magic in a couple of the middling Maiden Lane books and seriously scratching my head wondering what had happened to one of my favorite series, Sweetest Scoundrel provided the answer. They didn't include a Makepeace.


Asa Makepeace, an 'aggressive,foul-mouthed theatre manager' provided all the gas lit drama and flare that I had been missing - and when his wild-poetic side came out - I knew that I was a Hoyt believer again.


Eve Dinwoody is the perfect foil for Asa. Introverted, shy and somewhat recluse, Asa drives her out of her shell and she grounds him and brings out the best.


And I didn't know I was waiting for a Makepeace family reunion, but I clearly was! This family is clearly what makes the series for me - we don't see them together very often, but their humble background (and sometimes jade) brings an earthiness to the stories that make their triumphs with an aristocrat on their arm most entertaining.


Passionate and fun, I really enjoyed this book and am anxiously waiting Duke of Sin.