It's been awhile since we've done any of those fun posts that everyone participates in and gets people talking. And I miss it. So here's my try at getting something started.



Let's list favorite old (or older) movies. the list can be long or short, with a narrative or no, anything goes. The parameters is that it has to have been made prior to 1980, I sort of arbitrarily picked this number, and sort of didn't -- for the young whippersnappers, Star Wars is the equivalent to some of our black and white favs. Plus, I think cinema in the 80's had a different feel.


So, tell me some of your favorites! Maybe we will discover new great flicks and new friends. Let's tag the post so that we can search it over the weekend - "Fav old movies'. I will also use the tag 'BL Round Robin"



Here's my list in no particular order:



Little Women (w/ Elizabeth Taylor)






Seven Brides for Seven Brothers















Pillow Talk








12 Angry Men







Father Goose







Operation Petticoat





 Happy Weekend Everyone!