The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories - Stephen King

Audiobook - not sure if I will listen to the whole book, so taking it a story at a time.




Mile 8 - 3 stars



This short is a 'monster' car story and I especially enjoyed how it was told with young Pete Simmons bookending the tale. Also, of the character 'vignettes', Rachel's family (Carla, Johnny, and Blakey) were my favorite by far. Carla's what-the-hell moment over the stranger's ice cream cone actually had me chuckling because I could relate.

I find myself saying, 'yeah' and nodding my head quite often when listening/reading King. He's got a way of describing everything that is all his own. This book was no different, and although I can't put my finger on a specific example, his long and prolific career attests to his mastery.


Premium Harmony - 3 stars


King's commentary about authorial writing style prior to this short is far more interesting than the story itself.




Batman and Robin Have an Altercation - 4 stars



Really good and poignant. Anyone who has known someone dealing with Alzheimer's will painfully recognize Sanderson's story, as all Alzheimer's stories are really the same -moments of clarity with your loved one in the midst of the day to day muck and hurt of a brain wasted.

Still, though a generic story should have happened given the common experience (even though it is touching), the ending had me rooting - the handle on the coffee cup, as King says.



The Dune - 3 stars


Well, what a fun little concept - names written in the sand. I loved old Harvey, the nearly 90 year old retired court judge and his desire to get his will straightened out and the little foray into story telling he plies on his probate lawyer. The ending was quickly predictable, but again, fun nonetheless.



Bad Little Kid


About halfway done I would imagine. I wonder if there are some classic King connections in this one, but am not familiar enough with his work to pick them out.