Venetia - Georgette Heyer

I'm pretty behind the pack it seems!  I will read everyone's updates after I've achieved the same location in the book. (And since everyone is ahead of me, this is a bummer!) 


I really enjoy blind reading in certain books - I love the complete discovery in romance especially. I have a harder time enjoying romance if I have ill notions of future events, I become quite invested in good books, and good romance especially.


Heyer should not disappoint - she sets firmly in the Good Category and has for many, many years. And I can see why just from the writing alone. She has a certain way of turning a phrase which I am really loving. We've gotten waylaid by some dull stuff a few times in the first chapter (I could have done without an entire page of examples of the news that Edward would find important to share), but I've seen some glimpse of sly humor.


Venetia seems to be very much like the heroines I like to read about. Practical but with a zeal for life and the desire to 'make the best of things'.


Anyway, we're just bouncing along to pick some blackberry's with her crazy pooch right now, so the book is still young.





ETA: I've had 4 ball games in 3 days (my son got MVP over the weekend, so woot!) and it was our family reunion weekend - I thought this would not be an issue with regard to reading, but I got roped into A LOT of extra activity. :) I should be able to catch upon the next couple of days.