Venetia - Georgette Heyer

Well fellow readers, I have ventured past the brambles and wished that we could shove Damerel in and find a new hero. Who's with me? 


I was expecting a more sophisticated start - or at least a meet cute. Certainly not the single worst introduction of H/hr that I've read in a long, long time. Other than the fact that I thought Venetia to be, perhaps, the type of woman that should know the art of a knee to the balls, can somebody tell me why all their dialogue was exclaimed?! We are quoting Shakespeare! And Byron! And perhaps trying to hard!!


Anyway, gag me with Venetia's beauty.


ANYWAY, this is very well loved and I think I had a more Austen like vibe in my head going in and we have missed the Austen exit and detoured into some bad 70's romance with empire waists BUT....I think this could still turn around.


We shall see! Just got home from the ball park and am going to relax and get a chunk knocked out.