Venetia - Georgette Heyer



"A new day, fresh with new promise set her tingling; the thrush's trill became a lure and a command; she slid from the smothering softness of her feather bed, and went with a swift, springing step to the window sweeping back the blinds, and thrusting open the casement."


This is just begging for a musical interlude. All I could think of after this passage was that she surly emitted a delightful soprano trill that brought all the birds to her window, cheerfully answering her call to dust and sweep and mend her clothes while the happy squirrels brushed her golden locks.




Probably just me though. 


The last several chapters have been great fun in my opinion.The writing has flowed much better and I enjoy the lengthy bouts of dialogue. I think the last conversation only include 37 exclamations.


I still have a distinctly sleazy vibe from Damerel - but I don't dislike him really. I'm not so sure that I would say he's 'misunderstood', BUT I feel like he's genuinely intrigued by Venetia's naivete - she's open and  fresh, not at all coy, and has a unique outlook on her life and circumstances. No doubt, he's lived a pretty jaded existence - so I understand the allure.


Somewhat similarly, Venetia is attracted to everything she's never experienced - his worldliness. She has lived such a sheltered life, but is well read and seems to have a desire to be practical - and she's not very sentimental. I suppose that comes from having neglectful upbringing. On the onset, I would have thought that Damerel would have crushed a spirit such as hers, but the more I read the more I think they are probably well matched. Venetia is subtly warped in her own way, being isolated and sans attachment (or a healthy relationship).


Venetia's acceptance of Damerel's man-whore ways is so funny to me considering all the "sluts" and "hussy's" I keep hearing about. I thought this quote from her was really screwy :


"They must be quite addle-brained to suppose that you would look twice at any but the most ravishing females, for you have been used only to be in love with beauties for years and years! It is most unreasonable to expect people to change their habits in the twinkling of of an eye"


I'm not heavily invested in the couple of Venetia and Damerel as I would have thought but am quite content on just enjoying the story. I *FEEL* like there is going to be some crazy person living in the attic - there's some weird tension that I can't put my finger on. It could be that Jane Eyre permanently traumatized me though.