Venetia - Georgette Heyer

Oswald and his "evanescent lust". 


Damerel with his brandy brood.


Venetia, her thoughts decidedly absent since last update.


Lady Denning and her concerned rambling. Clara is such a tattle tale, by the way.




The most un-fun, Mrs. Scorrier.



Meanwhile, Heyer is making my brain work a little too hard. Take this....sentence, if you will:


"He had been dipping rather deep, perhaps, but he wasn’t as much as half-sprung: just a trifle concerned, certainly not castaway. It was only on very rare occasions that he was really shot in the neck, for he was one who could see them all out, as the saying went."


I get that he was drunk, but just a little drunk, not a lot drunk, which he only does occasionally, as he could drink most people under the table...I think.