Venetia - Georgette Heyer

My (kindle) copy from the library is actually titled: Venetia: a heartfelt and charming clean Regency romance.


I will agree with clean ;) Otherwise, I would call it unexpected and witty over heartfelt and charming.


We all agreed on the 'bad beginning'. From there I had honestly expected Venetia's perfection and beauty to be the catalyst in which 'changes' Lord Damerel's ways.


Very ho-hum.


Instead however, it was the finding a kindred spirit in Venetia that sort of dissolved the jaded and disillusioned rake into the person that he really should have been all along.  In that way, Damerel didn't have to change because Venetia accepted him, sins and all. Heyer did it right by allowing Damerel to come to his own conclusions about who he would and wouldn't be. This was my favorite part.


My least favorite bits of the book were the rambling "moralizing" speeches to Venetia. These all but sucked the life out of the great banter and gentle set downs between some of the colorful side characters like Aubrey and that wretched mother-in-law woman. 


I've sat on this for far to long, having finished it more than four days ago, so that's pretty much all I got - the collective updates really said everything that could be said. Bravo, everyone!


Thanks to everyone that participated, it was a lot of fun! And special thanks to Bookstooge for being such a doll and marching on even when it seemed like he really, really wanted to quit. :)


Should we all read one of his choosing now?