Guidebook to Murder - Lynn Cahoon

When I see favorite series of 2016 status from Tea, Rain, Book...that's an endorsement I can't ignore.



It just so happens that I was in the mood for a cozy. A breezy little mystery with a crazy little love interest in a lovely little town. This book is just all that.


Was I little annoyed when Jill reached for a phone book, because who even has those around anymore? Yes. I had to check the publication date.


Did I do a double take when she hypothesized that her missing friend was swept away by an old boyfriend for a weekend away and in the next sentence thought that she was perhaps kidnapped by a drug gang to be sold into human trafficking? Well, yes.


Did I think Jill tearing up over every thing was beginning to get tedious (especially over paint color for the walls) when she has the ability, in this emotionally trying time, to drool over the possibly married cop  while traipsing through the home improvement store then rushes off to dinner with her spunky aunt?  Yeah, yeah I did.


But I wanted to read a cozy. And it seems like irrational conclusions, silly dialogue, and quirky misunderstands are just the name of the game, err, genre. 


So, once I let go, I had fun. I will continue the series. I think Jill is likeable and, thank goodness, that cop is not married. The coffee/bookshop is a fun setting and the town a promising backdrop. Thumbs up.