Bookclub wants to read a SFF/UF selection this next month. It's my friends month to choose and she is having a tough time finding something that meets the criteria. Since I have access to all you lovely people I was hoping you could help :)


1.) Page count: Bookclub would like the book to be about 300 pages. I contend that this is the most difficult criteria. Telling a complete story with world building in 300? I think they are going to have to deal with a larger page count, personally. So I am looking for recs in the 350 arena - definitely less than 400 so they don't abandon ship. 


2.) I can't have already read it. Don't worry about this one though, I'll just strike it off the list of I've read it but wanted to make mention of that criterion. No hard feelings if the rec doesn't work out and all.


3.) "Needs to be good". This is what I was told to ask for. Take that for what you will!


4.) It need to be widely available. Libraries, Amazon, bookstores -- whatever, doesn't matter - but it can't be so obscure that 8 people wouldn't have reasonable access to it. 


To anyone who has hung with me - thanks in advance!