Just finished - what a great ride. 



From Netflix  "... a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl."





Set in 1983, this mystery/sci-if/horror/thriller borrowed from everything of the time. Sure, the script is full of popular culture references to things

like Star Wars and D&D - but cinematically, it picks off King, Carpenter, Spielberg, Raimi, and Scott, to name a few. Once it got going, it was as much fun identifying the inspiration as it was to figure out what was going on. 



And the best part? Without a promise of a second season, this one wraps in a good place. My hope is that they do take the lingering wonderings and work them into a "sequel" and that they do it in a way to bring back the outstanding cast - even Winona Rider, who won me over big time with her performance. 




I haven't read much the last couple of days because this absolutely captured my imagination - with one little hiccup of hesitation in the middle, the show righted itself and made for a great escape for several hours.  Recommended for those who like this sorta stuff. 


Now...off to find a book to read...