Midnight Riot - Ben Aaronovitch

Thought I'd do a little update while I'm watching the longest tennis final I've ever seen. Over 4 hours now for the men's single Olympic gold. It's been riveting - the crowd has been crazy. The Argentinian, Del Potro, is playing on fumes but with a level at heart that makes the Olympics what they are, a stage for greatness.


Meanwhile, I've been whittling away at "Midnight Riot". I've been seduced. Normally wearing out Wiki while reading a book leads to brain breaks and though I have spent a lot of time parsing out British terms and events, it's made me more excited to press on. Fun stuff.  I've also been highlighting and note taking like a madwoman for bookclub. I just love the Aaronovitch's turn of phrase and the humor.


"A London copper doesn’t like to intrude upon a traveler camp with anything less than a van full of bodies in riot gear—it’s considered disrespectful otherwise."


The mixture of science and magic is really working for me and I'm currently hooked. I think I might have to go pick up "Moon over Soho" now, as was suggested by one of you book fiends. ;) 


In other news, my reading life has been a bit slow. During the summer, I read a bunch during baseball but I've barely made it through a game since the All-star Break. It's been a frustrating season on the home front and currently I'm just twiddling my thumbs until I can root the Cubbies on to their WS victory.


On that subject, this week did have a bright spot in the Rally Mantis that offered great comic relief until it...didn't.


Ah, darn. While I was typing, Murray took the gold. I was rooting for 141st seed, but a good match nonetheless. Off to beach volleyball and more Peter Grant.