Last night, with help from hubs, I started pulling together some planned reading: 




(Sorry the picture is wonky - it's out of my hands).


I think I'm going to plan a book for all the squares and then just read whatever I feel like from that list - being a mood reader and all. Hopefully my mood will lead me to a Bingo, LOL.


The Sentinel - Locked Room

Halloween - Takes place on Halloween

Jogger's Moon - Full Moon

Black Cat - Black Cat. This should win something in and of itself.

'Salem's Lot - Set in New England


I'm also participating in the Ammie, Come Home BR. I hope to have a full list soon. :)


Fall/Halloween Bingo is being hosted by Moonlight Murder and Obsidian Black Plague.

The *new* Bingo group and details/discussions can be found here.