Jogger's Moon - Jon Messman

"They can run - but they can't escape the death that lurks in the dark! A novel of non-stop terror and suspense."


In reviewing this tag line after reading the book, the thing that pops in my head is that you should ...lower your expectations!


Brilliant tag line, great blurb and props to the marketing department of Signet circa 1980. When perusing our physical shelves for books to read, this popped out at me because of these things. The deal is, and here is where I may be jaded, it read like amateur hour compared to other thrillers/suspense novels I've read. I'm looking at you Patricia Cornwell and Karin Slaughter. Compared to those two dark, gruesome, horrifically disturbing authoresses, this seemed down right adorable.


Overall this is a 2.5 read rounded up to 3 for reasons that have nothing to do with the story - like sentimentality. Even though I had the killer pegged half-way through the book, the Detectives DiSalvo and O'Keefe ran around clueless, spinning circles in  philosophical conversations of hate and what could be lying beneath the hate that would give them a clue. Meanwhile, the actual murderer seemed smarter than the collective group. The killer's rambling monologues, which took place in a stream of consciousness type narrative that was jarringly placed in the midst of the story, were the most interesting parts of the entire book. 


Still, the kind of quirky reasoning behind the murders, a seething hatred of joggers, and the colorful history of the chosen victims and the suspects made up for a lot of the plot woes.


It certainly made for a fun and different book to fill a bingo square!