The Rats - James Herbert

Let's see if I can get a good pictorial reference here for The Rats...



Obviously not even close. Remy just wants to make you a meal, not make you the meal.




Closer...but still, Jenner was really just evil all on his own.



We've got the size going for us here...but comparatively to Herbert's rats, this guy is just down right adorable.





Ah. Here we go.




The Rats is about big friggin' rats. Really big rats. Dog sized rats that eat people. And they don't discriminate like some horror books. They don't JUST eat the well-endowed blonde, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Fat, thin, young, old, hairy, ugly, dog....lion. Whatever. They'll strip the flesh right off you.


This book is only written for the horror lover. There's no mystery tied to the story, no intrigue, history, romance, nuthin'. Just the straight, old fashion bloody friggin' horror of giant rats running around London, planning massacres, and swarming schools and zoos alike.


We had this book at home and it fit the creepy-crawly square, and honestly? My other options were The Spiders (nope), Fangs (oh, snakes? nope), Killer Crabs (they're man sized crabs. Gross. nope) or Black Horde (I don't even know what the creepy things are on the cover of that one, but it's by the author of The Spiders, so...nope). Anyway, The Rats seemed like the least of these.


While this book hardly phased me with the premise being such over the top make-believe, I can't say that I'm too inclined to pick up any of the other 'nature-gone-wrong' books sitting on our home shelf. Never say never though. Halloween Bingo could have second round next year after all.