The Hidden Staircase - Mildred Benson, Carolyn Keene

Nancy Drew could probably bake a beautiful pie, crochet an afghan, tutor French, write a column on comportment and change her little blue convertible's oil all in the same afternoon.


I hate her perfectness, but I love her courageousness and cleverness.


This was my first Nancy Drew, I just didn't grow up reading her as many do. I chose this book for my mystery square because it had elements that fit the theme of the Halloween book bingo - a haunted mansion and a thieving ghost.


It was cute and quick and ended well. You can tell what's going to happen about a mile away though. I think the biggest mystery for me was how you prepare gelatin and then immediately eat it (doesn't that have to set for a couple hours?) or how you would make cream of chicken and rice soup with a can of soup and milk (replace the water with milk?). I was clearly more interested in what they were eating than the mystery. Maybe I was just hungry?