I Am Legend - Richard Matheson

On the back of my copy, James Lovegrove is quoted saying that I am Legend is "...ultimately uplifting". I'm not sure I'd go that far.


I thought most of this book was a very fitting trudge. It would be sort of unbelievable if the story about the sole survivor of a vampire apocalypse was a light, airy tale, sure, but there in the beginning? When he's just a drunken, lusting, lonely fool?  Even during the edge-of-your-seat stuff about Robert Neville barely making it home before the savior sun takes his last bow? I wasn't sure I was going to take it to it's final page.


I had a better understanding of Matheson's talent once his horror story morphed into a sci-fi thriller and then,  just as quickly, turned back again. Suddenly, and surprisingly compared to the start, I was riveted, not only wondering what was going to happen next but also questioning my firm belief that Robert Neville had gone quite mad.


Good stuff if you can hang on.