Perseus and Medusa (Graphic Revolve) - Blake Hoena, Daniel Perez

*In case this isn't clear, I'm "M" for mom, ya'll*


M: What should we call you on the internet? Use your name?


N: I dunno. Use 'No-name'


    I want to type. Can I type?


M: This would go faster if you let me type a little bit. Okay...lemme just type our conversation in here for flair and interest...


N: C'mon, Mom.


*he walks away*


*I drag him back*


M: Read the first question off the book report form...


N: I don't want to do this book.


M: What? We just read the whole book specifically for this report!


N: I know,'s not school appropriate because he has a sword.


*I simultaneously realize that this might actually be a problem and am enraged that this might be a problem.*


M: I'll email your teacher.




Name two characters and tell us what you know about them:

N: Perseus. He wanted to defeat Medusa. He got a sword and shield from Athena. Oh, and also, a pouch and a helmet.

Can I type now?


M: Fine. Yes.


Medusa she is very ugly and mean.  She turns people into stone.


Write a short summary of the story using words such as first, next, then, after that and last.


N:  First King Acrisius sent Perseus out to sea to a island and a fisher man named Dictys caught them with a fishing net. Then years later when Perseus was a man,King Polydectes wanted to marry Perseus mom and wanted him to get Medusa and bring her back to the king.  So he went and met Nymphs of the North and Athena and Hermes and they gave him gear to defend himself. Then Perseus went on a journey and defeated Medusa. Perseus brings her back to King Polydectes and her eyes turned them to stone. After that, Dictys became King.


*Mom has resumed typing. That took for.e.ver.*


What do you think was the most important event in this story?


N: That Perseus survived. Let me type the last question.


Tell why you think that it was important?


N: b/c it wold not be a good book if Perseus died.


*Well, I can't really argue that.*





I actually thought this was pretty good. Despite what you can see on the cover, this IS a version appropriate for an 8 year old. There is minimal violence displayed and maybe just a couple of drops of blood. Nothing is really 'shown'. It highlights all of Perseus' adventures from beginning to end AND it was the perfect set up book for his next book report - a non-fic on the constellations.


If if you made it this far, lol, we did this to try to get him excited about his first book report - something he has dreaded doing. Thanks for reading :)