The Mist - Stephen King

I know what you are all thinking.


"Another Stephen King, really?".


Here's the deal. I needed to read something by candlelight or flashlight, so for me? It had to be short. Or shortish. All my other shortish stuff is fulfilling other squares. Out came "Skeleton Crew", the anthology that the novella "The Mist" was originally published in. I was pretty certain it would be an evening read.


I began to have second thoughts however when anxieties started to ramp up in the first chapter. I started to think, "Self? You're going to have nightmares if you keep reading this by bedside candlelight right before nighty-night time".


Consequently, I read it in the daylight today - BUT- a candle was RIGHT THERE comforting me with it's vanilla scent. I'm counting it.


In case you're unfamiliar, a doorway to multiple other dimensions is opened up by some jacklegs and a dense fog pours out of the fissure along with a bunch of horrific beasties who want to eat you.


I saw the movie version of this several years ago so a lot of the scenes popped out in technicolor to me at points during the read. I have to say, I like King's ending one bjillion times better than that movie ending which put me into a small rage.


I actually liked this a lot  - I think I have a thing for survival type stories. Additionally, King's deft hand at drawing his characters (both hero and villain) in a short story format was amazing. I did not feel cheated by the page count one iota.


On to the next!