All the stars were aligned for me this month and I won in the Halloween Bingo drawing last week! I received a very awesome package on Sunday, but have been under the weather (to say the least) and have not had the wherewithal to sit at a computer this week. So, I'm late in posting this:


Obsidian Black Death 




Moonlight Murder


T H A N K  Y O U !


I received a set of 5 spooky, spectacular Halloween socks. Very cute. I attempted to put them on display here with my other recent acquisition, our new cat, Ollivander Nox.




Here Ollie is questioning his decision to live with me, but he is displaying my favorite pair with great patience, so I kept this photo.


I took a lot of pictures. I think it was the pain medication that clouded my judgment and made me a bit...wacky. Evidence of the final straw is this ludicrous photo in which I tried to invent a scene.



In this photo you can clearly see Ollie questioning my husband's intelligence as well. He did marry me.


After coming to my senses this morning and finally being able to sit down and make a post, I decided to just take a picture of the damn socks. ;)




Many thanks to all the Halloween Book Bingo'ers who have made this ride so much fun!  I adore my new socks, Blue and Moonlight, and appreciate you guys for putting such a fun event together!