The Woman in Cabin 10The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Laura "Lo" Blacklock has the opportunity she's been waiting 10 years for, to cover an exclusive cruise on it's maiden voyage for the travel magazine, Velocity. Before she sets foot on the gangplank however, the tide of her opportunity pulls away to reveal a nightmare, sucking her into an undertow that just won't let her go.

I've already made this sound more interesting than it is because for however much this book tried to be thrilling and action packed - Lo was faced with a home robbery, strangling insomnia, a mysterious woman, and a likely murder - overall, it was dis-jointed and boring, never really picking up the steam or smarts necessary to keep me engaged.

When insidious intentions by every character were hinted at, Lo's reactions were so strange that I was wondering if it was all just a paranoid hallucination. For the briefest moments I felt like it was veering towards a psychological thriller but when the protagonist won't stop drinking long enough to be lucid, characterization takes a nose dive into too-stupid-to-live territory. That should be a no-fly zone for any 'strong female' character that's going to have to use her brain to solve a mystery and ultimately, evade abductors.

And it didn't stop there, after the visit to TSTL territory, Lo tripped into the land of make-believe where a character can overcome incredible physical obstacles, like a badly sprained ankle, to run barefoot in the woods of Norway for miles uninhibited.

The week I read this book, I fell asleep early every single night after cracking it open to put a new dent in the current chapter. I got more sleep that week than I had in the previous 8 years - ten hours, every night with this baby. If you're thinking that that is pretty much the worst endorsement for a book, you'd be right. Especially one that is touted as an edge of your seat, nail biter.

This one was a best-selling dud, it lacked any real thrill and was very slow through the middle. All attempts to mislead the reader worked against the character who comes off as rude and unlikeable. I rarely regret reading a book because even when I don't enjoy it I've come away with a new experience....but I do regret buying this book. Then again, hey, maybe I have some HPB credit in my future?

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