After pie, I decided I must try these pop tarts that Whiskey and others were mentioning. They sounded THAT awesome and amazing and wonderful and like they were going to give me a sugar induced coma, that I had to try them RIGHT AWAY. Tasty Tuesday Challenge accepted.


I used the pie dough recipe from the Art of the Pie book. I used the filling ingredients from Whiskey's link - I used a heaping measurement for the flour because that felt right to me, and dark brown sugar because that's what I had on hand, and a scant measurement on the cinnamon because I like my cinnamon scanty.


Here's a picture of the little toasty twins:




I did not roll the dough out thin enough to make more than a few- with one rolling, without a re-roll of the scraps, I could do only 4. Still, I was very happy with the 4 that were made:




The filling is really good and in terms of flavor, it tastes like nostalgia BUT...Yodamom was right, once you try these, there's no going back to the box! We're definitely doing these again sometime, trying a fruit version using jam.